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...Core Values


Tricorp Group, Inc.'s guiding principles are to ensure unwavering excellence by building a culture based on the following core values: Integrity, Leadership, Commitment and Progressiveness.    


Integrity: Tricorp Group, Inc. is founded on values of honesty, and the commitment of focusing on our clients’ needs. Our business is built on our reputation, and we have built our culture based on the standards of fairness, dependability and the trust of our clients. 

Leadership: Tricorp Group, Inc. strives towards being the leader in our industry in the implementation of management ingenuity, continuous improvement internally with people and processes, and externally with our clients, architects and subcontractors. At Tricorp Group, Inc., we are proactive and dedicated to meeting or exceeding our clients' needs and maximize their investment. 

Commitment: Tricorp Group, Inc. establishes an attitude of cooperation and teamwork from the beginning of the project through its completion. We pledge this commitment by trying to fully understand our clients’ needs. 


Progressiveness: Tricorp Group, Inc. conveys a culture that strives towards continuous improvement of our methods of operations. We will be recognized within the industry and by our clients as the trademark of innovation and progress. 

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